Top 10 Best Sofa Slipcovers Review in 2019

You may want to change the look of your place starting from sofa set. However, it is pricey to buy a complete new set. It is not budget friendly. Hence, there is a proper solution where you can have new decoration and save some money. It is none other than sofa slipcovers. The slipcover for sofa is like clothes to human. You can get every new one to have different appearances and styles. Moreover, sofa sleepover is easy to handle from putting on and off to washing.

Buying guideline:

The first thing you should think about is the quality of the product by checking its materials, which can tell durability and comfort when using. The next thing to consider is the design. Of course, it is necessary since the original purpose is to change atmosphere and decor of the place. Last but not least, you can decide based on size whether the slipcover is the right one for your sofa set.

For more information, you can go through these top 10 best sofa slipcovers review in 2019.

1 Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover 1-Piece Sofa

Suitable for seat from 66 inches to 90 inches, this stretchy sofa slipcover is made from high quality materials. For instance, the materials are spandex and polyester that promise soft and comfortable for users. It is a one piece coverage fabric that won’t require hard work to change the look on your sofa. In addition, you can wash the slipcover in a washing machine at ease.


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2 Maytex Pixel Ultra Soft Stretch Sofa Couch Furniture Cover Slipcover

Coming with two pieces, this sofa slipcover set is easy to install. One is for base cover and another is for seat cover. Hence, it is better for you to wear the fabric perfectly to the sofa. This product has special features such as stretchy, ultra-soft, and elastic corners. Hence, it is like a mattress cover that enables comfortable rest. If it gets dirty, you can just throw it in the washing machine.


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3 Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Sofa Slipcover

You can attach this ultra-soft sofa slipcover to any furniture with width up to 70 inches. Actually, you can use it with sofa, futon, chair, loveseat, recliner, or lounge since there are thick and adjustable straps to help and perfect fit. It is very durable that pet claws cannot bring any damages. Wonderfully, this slipcover has two sides so that you can reverse it and use both designs.


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4 H.VERSAILTEX High Stretch Jacquard 2 Pieces Sofa Slipcover

Due to jacquard knitted material, you can trust the durability of this highly stretchy sofa slipcover. The product is suitable for couches with size between 68 inches to 90 inches. Not only giving the great visual, this slipcover also offers ultimate protection to the sofa as well. If you accidentally spill water or leave stains, you can remove and wash the fabric right away and the sofa still good as new.


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5 Modern Velvet Plush Sofa Slipcover. Strapless Couch Cover

Convenient and useful, this plush sofa slipcover is a strapless cover. Therefore, it is not a hard work to wear this cloth to your sofa. Since it is a one-size product, it fits with most sofas which is no larger than 90 inches. In addition, with the velvet plush texture, it will give warm feeling and modern aura to the house. Actually, the materials of this product are polyester and spandex.


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6 RHF Velvet-Sofa Slipcover, Stretch Couch Covers for 3 Cushion

You will love this sofa velvet sofa slipcover that gonna change the atmosphere and décor of your place. You can use this fabric easily to cover your couch thanks to the foam sticks and elastic band. Hence, you will have the perfect fit on the sofa. Moreover, this product has more options for different furniture types, such as chair, loveseat, extra-wide sofa, etc. You also can wash it in a machine.


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7 Turquoize Sofa Covers Slipcovers for Furniture Sofa

To ensure the perfect fit, this sofa slipcover is designed with foam stick, elastic bottom, high-density stretch fabric and jacquard design. Thus, putting this cover to your sofa, it will look like a real tailor sofa. Additionally, there are several unique features of this cover fabric such as stretching, durable, wrinkle-free, and washing machine safe. It is actually made from polyester and spandex.


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8 sancua Stretch Spandex Sofa Cover 3 Seat Couch Cover

In order to avoid damages on the real couch, you should try this protective sofa slipcover. Produced from polyester and spandex, the cover is flexible and breathable. You will feel comfortable sitting there without any disruption. Having anti-slip foams, it is easy to install and won’t take too long. Furthermore, it is suitable for three seat couch which is up to 92 inches in width.


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9 CHUN YI 2 Pieces L-Shaped Jacquard Sectional Sofa Slipcovers

If you have a L-shape sofa set, you can consider this jacquard sofa slipcover. The product is available in many colors, so choose your favorite! Anyway, there are two pieces for main sofa and for chaise section, which measures 70 inches long, and 76 inches long respectively. They are high elastic so they fit most sofas with their extensive measures. Moreover, it is safe in washing machine.


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10 Lamberia Printed Sofa Cover Stretch Couch Cover Sofa

This is the last recommended cover fabric for sofa. You don’t need to get a new sofa set, instead getting this beautiful printed slipcover. The slipcover is made of high-quality fabric of polyester and spandex which are eco-friendly, resilient and stylish. Furthermore, it provides more benefits to you. For instance, it is wrinkle resistant, anti-bacteria, no pilling and ensures flawless fit.


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