Top 10 Best Stabilizer for Smartphone Reviews in 2016

If you want to take your selfie taking skill to the next level with your smart phone, all you need is a smartphone gimbal stabilizer in order to make your photos look more professional and clear. You might wonder why do some people take really good photos with high resolution and perfect background, you might think they use expensive cameras so that they can take such great photos. The truth is that those great photos are taken by using smartphone gimbal stabilizer.

A smartphone gimbal stabilizer is the device that is used as the function of selfie stick in order to take photos nicely and clearly. It has the features of GoPro mount but designs specially for smartphone so that everyone can take perfect selfies by just using their smart phone. Since there are different types and brands of smartphone gimbal stabilizer out there, we would like to suggest you with our review of top 10 best smartphone gimbal stabilizer so that you can find and get just the right gimbal stabilizer for your smartphone. Take a look and share your thoughts with us now!

10. iStabilizer Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Capture ultra smooth and steady videos or pictures anywhere now with this iStabilizer Gimbal for smartphones. The iStabilizer Gimbal is engineered to work with virtually all smartphones including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. It will hold any smartphone up to 3.5” wide. It comes with 3 shooting modes including the heading follow, heading lock, and heading & pitch follow. This gimbal also has the buttons that allow you to control the pitch while filming since it allows you to have the gimbal up high and filming downwards or filming low and have the camera looking upwards. Now you see how unique and perfect this iStabilizer is, do not hesitate to own one.

10.Top 10 Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Reviews in 2016


9. Steadicam SMOOTHEE-APPLIP5 Smoothee

You never know what amazing thing your phone can do with taking photos till you have this Steadicam Smoothee lightweight stabilizer that can turn your smartphone into a powerful tool to shoot fluid smooth professional video and eliminate shaky camera moves perfectly. TheSteadicam Smoothee will do all the work to eliminate unwanted movements which create smooth continuous shots and make pans, tilts, and even walking shots appear to fly. It is also easy to operate which you can set up in seconds and ready to take amazing shots in your adventures.


8. Fomito Professional Porable Mini Handle Camera Video Stabilizer

It is true that shaky hands cause blurry images, and that is why this Fomito Camera Video Stabilizer is here to eliminate shaky video and allows you to easily shoot pro-quality and cinematic like footage with your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone perfectly. It is also easy to set up since this Fomito Camera Video Stabilizer features the high power and high torque motors the deliver an unparalleled the level of stabilization performance and camera feathering which results in smooth shots every time. No matter what phone you use, you can always use this gimbal stabilizer with your smartphone for perfect shots.


7. SteadyMate SM1 HD Professional Handheld Camera Stabilizer

From now on, you no longer need to optimize complex PID settings to fit different mobile phones with different weights, simply select the model of your mobile phones and send the optimized setting to your device, and it is done. The SteadyMate SM1 Handheld Camera Stabilizer enable different automated shooting modes such as automated horizontal pan which enable you to shooting highly stable video with pre-set movement paths perfectly. You can also control your SwiftCam wirelessly to capture professional video with automated shooting as well. Nothing is better than this SteadyMate SM1 for smartphone.


6. MyCell 3 Axis Gimbal Smartphone Stabilizer

MyCell is the gimbal smartphone stabilizer that has the 3-Axis active stabilization control system including the tilt, roll, and pan. With the high precision sensors and brushless motor designs, you can use this device with your phone to take professional photos like a pro. It is easy to install with the lightweight of 478g which is applicable for GoPro and smartphones within 5-inches screen. This smartphone comes in package that includes 3-axis gimbal, cell phone clamp, GoPro clamp, battery grip, battery charger, and a bag with protection foam which has absolutely everything for you to get amazing photos.

6.Top 10 Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Reviews in 2016


5. WenPod SP1Plus 2-Axis Handheld Smartphone Stabilizer

WenPod SP1Plus is the latest technology and hardware which makes your smartphone a professional camera and it is compatible for all smartphones including the oversized iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy Note. From now on you can record your life in a professional way since this stabilizer can work from 3 to 5 hours which you can surely take hundreds of photos using it. The footage you will get is amazingly smooth with the phone mount that includes a standard 1/4” receiver for screwing in a small mic. For better and clearer shots, you can trust WenPod SP1Plus.


4. Ikan FLY-X3-PLUS 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Ikan FLY-X3-Plus smartphone gimbal stabilizer is simple and easy to set up & operate yet creates smooth and stable handheld shots which is absolutely the one and only thing we want for our best photos. It also has the gesture control system which allows you to take photos easier and better since you don’t have to try to press on the button to get the shots at all. This gimbal stabilizer for smartphone comes with a small phone cradle, a large phone cradle, and the GoPro mount which you use for any device you want to take your pictures.

4.Top 10 Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Reviews in 2016


3. Feiyu Tech FY-G4P+ 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Smartphones

If you use larger phone like Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or iPhone 6 Plus, this Feiyu FY-G4P is the right choice for you since it just updated with better firmware and hardware for more advanced levels of stabilization as well. With its compact design, this gimbal stabilizer allows you to take it along with easily and conveniently to places no matter where you go. Also, this device is fully compatible with the Feiyu extension bar and Feiyu USB remote.

3.Top 10 Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Reviews in 2016


2. DJI OSMO Mobile Sliver Edition

This is the DJI OSMO Mobile Stabilizer for Smartphones that is designed with 3 shooting modes including the heading follow mode that allows phone pitch and roll angles to remain constant with the heading follows the handheld position, the heading mode that keeps the phone pointed in the same direction, and the locking mode that keeps the phone pointed in the forward direction from the handle. It is a must have for getting smooth and professional footage by using your smartphone. With the outstanding video quality from today’s smartphone along with this handheld stabilizer, you will surely get an amazing footage and pictures wherever you go.


1. LanParte HHG01 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones

Being the first gimbal in the world that is compatible with both iPhone 6 Plus and GoPro, the LanParte HHG-01 is the most wanted stabilizer by many people. It allows you to capture stabilized and free-floating shots with your smartphone easily. Also, it features a motorized three-axis gimbal and a 6-axis IMU that is designed to keep your phone level and isolated from shakes and jitters as well. Make your device to do more than locked in place along with three axes, this Handheld Gimbal allows it to follow the tilt and pan motion of your wrist while keeping the horizon level. It gives a more organic feel to your footage operation which is the best choice to be chosen.

1.Top 10 Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Reviews in 2016


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