Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

It seems obvious that one of the common but necessary accessories for Gopro is the mount harness. Many people who own a Gopro actually needs the mount harness to support their recording during their activities. As it could be tricky to find one quick and right, we have the 10 best mount harness for Gopro to review for your consideration here. You will enjoy these so well.

1.MCOCEAN 7 in 1 Accessories Kit Set for GoPro Hero

1.Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

The first best mount harness for Gopro to see is this MCOCEAN. This is a kit, and it contains 7 accessories in one. This is a very popular package for Gopro. This chest harness provides very good support to place your Gopro on your chest, enjoy the activity, and keep recording it at the same time with your hand free. For easiness, a small case is as well included in this kit. However, if you want just the chest harness alone, you can check the following item.


2.GoPro Chest Mount Harness for HERO Cameras

2.Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

This second chest mount Harness is as well made exactly just for Gopro, and you then can go hand free in your activity. This design is found very comfortable to wear while it has been made with good adjustability to fit different sizes and shapes. This harness basically is best for skiing, biking and more of the similar sports.


3.GoPro Fetch (Dog Harness)

3.Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

Differently from the first two, this is the Gopro harness which is made to stick to a dog. This harness is for the purpose of the Gopro owner to capture the pictures and owner from the dog’s view. It has been tested, and it is proven to stick well to the dog during its running, jumping, sniffing and more. Two camera mounts are actually in the design.


4.Sabrent Fetch (Dog Harness) Chest Strap Belt Mount for GoPro cameras

4.Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

The next harness is the Sabrent Fetch, which is also a design for dog. The harness is of a good quality, and it has two mounts in the design which the Gopro could be attached to either the chest or back of the dog. For the size, it easily fits to any sizes since the harness is made adjustable with quick release bases. Pet’s comfort is also the focus on the design. That is why pads are found.


5.GoPro Junior Chest Mount

5.Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

This is a lovely package for Gopro, and it is compatible with all the existing models of Gopro cameras available. This comes as a kit, and it includes the chest mount harness, the vertical quick release as well as the thumb screw. For the quality, there is not a single thing to worry about. This Junior chest mount has a 5 star review.


6.Sametop Adjustable Chest Mount Harness for Gopro

6.Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

Sametop is another nice harness mount for Gopro. This nicely designed chest mount harness is very adjustable for convenient use. Basically, the mount works well with all the models and designs of the Gopro. For biking, snorkeling and other similar sports, this chest mount harness is great. Good sturdiness is what many users mentioned they like about the mount.


7.BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Dog Harness Chest Mount for GoPro HERO

7.Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

For this BAXIA TECHNOLOGY is another dog harness chest mount for Gopro. The kits contains the dog harness, the remote control, the j-hook buckle and a lot more. This is a very useful combination of accessories for Gopro. Two mount locations are found, and the chest could carry the camera on the back and chest of the dog. For the dogs between 15 and 120 lbs, this would work great.


8.CamKix Chest Mount Harness for Gopro Hero

8.Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

Standing as the number 8, this is the CamKix chest mount. This is as well one of the best chest mounts for Gopro. The harness is designed comfortably to wear, and it is very good for the durability and adjustability. To wear it for sport activities, it could help you the best to have a steady record of your activity. For easy positioning, there is a quick release mount to do the work.


9.Zoukfox Chest Belt Strap Harness Mount, Camera Headstrap Mount

9.Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

For this Zoukfox, it would take your attention nicely too. This strap harness mount is an adjustable design, and it fits with all the models of Gopro camera. Many users also find the mount very comfortable to wear, and it works very well during sports such as skiing, surfing, biking and motocross. If it is a similar sport you like to involve in, you are good to go with this mount.


10.SHINEDA Adjustable Chest Harness Mount with J Hook Mount for GoPro Hero

10.Top 10 Best Mount Harness for GoPro Reviews in 2016

The last chest harness mount is the SHINEDA. This is the mount which works best for all the versions of the Gopro camera. The design is not only comfortable and adjustable, but also very sturdy to hold the camera. If you are going to enjoy your kayaking, biking, or a similar activity, you will find this very interesting to further examine.


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