Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Review

As you know sleep is an essential factor to your body just like food and water, you have to take care of it very well. Sleep is important to all individual even adults and babies. For baby cases, it is one of the greatest factors that improve baby’s brain development. For adults, it is an opportunity to rest and gain energy to continue work. So it is huge issue if you cannot sleep well at night due to some reasons such as fear of dark, turn on too bright light, etc. You need to find best solution for it in order to have peaceful sleep. There is a product can help you with this problem and it is called LED night light. The LED night light can provide you a lot of benefits. Firstly, it of course can give little amount of brightness which can make you sleep well. Secondly, although it has low brightness, you still can walk through the room without falling. Thirdly, it is good for young children who are afraid of nightmare and darkness.

Overall, you can gain many advantages by using this product. If you want to purchase this product to be yours now, you can check out more details in the text below. It will bring you the top 10 best LED night lights. They are chosen from Amazon based on high quality and ranking.

1. LED Baby Night Light

This is a rechargeable silicon LED night light which is constructed with light sensitive to change color. For instance, when you want to change color of the light, you just tab it slightly. This night light is very cute to have dolphin shape and is made from non-toxic and BPA free silicone material. So you have no problem in touching it or accidentally drop it off because it is durable and soft.

1. Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Reviews


2. Sycees TL-LSNL-6P 0.5W Plug-in LED Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

This is a large package of LED night light which has dawn sensor. This great product will provide you 6 packs of night lights which are plugged into electricity socket in order to work. As mentioned, they all have sensor that can sense sunlight; therefore, it will automatically turn off when there is brightness and turn on when it is dark. Isn’t it amazing to have it in your room?

2. Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Review


3. Maxxima MLN-16 LED Plug in Night Light with Auto Dusk to Dawn Sensor

This is a plug-in automatic turn on and off LED night light with 5 lumens. This ability is due to the dusk to dawn sensor which is the greatest technology of the product. The sensor can know when to turn on the night light and when to turn it off. Thus, you won’t have to walk to it and control it all the time. Moreover, there are four packs of the night light included in this one package.

3. Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Review


4. Meridian Electric 10911 5 lm LED Auto, Daylight 5000K

This is a less power consuming LED night light which comes with four pieces. So you can put one in every room such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. In addition, each one of the night light contains 5 lumens inside to shine enough brightness for you at night to walk around and yet suitable for soundly sleep. It uses electricity power 92% less than 7 watts bulb.

4. Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Review


5. LED Concepts Pack of 2 Plug-In LED Night Lights – Ultra Slim

This is a product with two packs of LED night light which give warm white lightness. You just need to plug it in socket on the wall. It is designed to have ultra-slim and rectangular figure which is very elegant to mount in your room. For more information, you don’t have to press any button to control its power because it has sensor to brightness. It has no replacement bulbs inside it.

5. Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Review


6. Safety 1st LED Nightlight

You must worry that leaving light on all night costs you huge amount on electricity bill. However, using this product is different from normal light bulb. According to test, it costs 87% less than others. You can be assured using it. Additionally, it has long lasting lifespan up to 25 times longer as well. It doesn’t produce heat so it is safe to touch and placed in baby’s room.

5. Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Review


7. Vivii CYJ08 Plug-in LED Night Light Lamp

This is a LED night light which has ability to provide great functions to user. This product contains 6 pieces of night light and each one is 0.5 watt so it won’t consume much power. To add, it has sensor and sensitive to light, then it will decide to automatically turn power on and off. Since it needs only small amount of electricity, you can leave it in nursery’s room all night.

7. Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Review


8. LED Night Light Veatool 0.5W Plug-in Wall Lamp with Smart Sensor for Kids Babies Bedroom Nursery

This is a wall lamp LED night light which has blue color and two pieces in one package. Wonderfully, it possesses great smart sensor which provides automatic turn on and off function. It is very long lasting and durable because you can continuously use it up to 50 thousands hours. Plus, it requires very little amount of electricity, for example, it consumes only 1 kwh per year for using the light 8 hours a day.

8. Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Review


9. Sycees 0.5W Plug-in LED Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

This is a square and slim LED night light that produces warm white brightness for good sleep and clear vision at night because of suitable level of brightness. This product has 6 packs inside, so you are able to implant it in every room in your house. For instance, especially for baby room, parents can check on the baby without turning big light on and disturb you baby.

9. Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Review


10. GE Ultra Brite Motion-Activated LED Light

This is the last recommended powerful and motion-activated LED night light which implanted with 40 lumens and suitable for hallway and stairway. It has beautiful shape and color of silver. It also contains light sensor to offer self-working on turning its performance on or off. Even you stand by it for long time, this light won’t get heat, and instead it will be cold and safe to touch.

10. Top 10 Best LED Night Lights Review