Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

You have been saving hard for your GoPro because you are such a photo-lover. All of your effort has been paid off, and amazingly you made it. Now let’s take care this precious gift for yourself by taking a good care of it. In order to do so, we all need a top GoPro case. However, using a simple case is too mainstream and unfashionable nowadays. From the innovative ideas, you can get the top and amazing with not just a simple case but also you can use as the best GoPro frame housing to mount with the tripod as well. Here is the top 10 best GoPro frame mount housing for 2016.

1. CamKix Frame Mount for GoPro Frame Mount Housing

1.Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

From one of the top innovative frame mount for GoPro companies, Camkix is very unique in its design and has the functions of more than just a simple frame mount. This frame mount is ideal for optimal sound capture like huffing-puffing and surf. Moreover, it is the compact design which is lightweight and is very protective. It has the fastest and easiest way to attach the frame with the GoPro tripods. It also comes with a lens protector with UV correction. In addition to the GoPro compatibility, this frame mount can also be used with your LCD or battery extension. It is what you are really looking for.


2. CamKix Frame Mount for GoPro Hero 4, 3+, and 3

2.Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

Another amazing and innovative design from the CamKix companies, is this innovative CamKix frame mount for GoPro Hero 4, 3+ and 3. It is ideal for the compact and light-weight design. It has similar features to the other series of CamKix like the optimal sound capture, the convenience in mounting, the lens protector except only its incapability to be used with LCD or battery extension. However, it is the best choice for those who prefer the light-weight design and the compact feature.


3. Frame Mount Housing by Cheerwing

3.Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

Are you looking for the amazing performance of protection for your precious GoPro? If so, let’s consider this amazing frame mount housing introduced by Cheerwing. It is the brand new series with high quality. It has the unique and classic design for GoPro Hero 1 2 3 3+ and 4 and is compatible with those versions of GoPro above as well. The perfect low-key and smooth frame design with compact camera makes it look just perfect and fit amazingly to the installation. Most importantly it has the suitable price for you that you will feel satisfied with the quality.


4. Qunqi Aluminium Alloy Protective Housing Case Shell Frame for GoPro HD Hero 4 Black

4.Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

If you are looking for the protective and durable protective housing case, the Quanqi is the one you need. It is made up of the protective aluminum alloy protective housing case shell frame that is best to use with GoPro HD Hero4. The material construction is durable and strong. Its special design will prevent the camera from crash by overheating. It also comes with the ¼ inch screw hole that is compatible with any tripod. It can mount with UV lens, filter lens, polarizing lens of diameter 31mm. Get it now and you will enjoy the full protection and best features of it.


5. JMT OEM Camera Standard Border Frame Mount Protective Housing

5.Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

You want the best protection for your OEM camera? Let’s try this. JMT will offer you the best protective case as well as the border frame housing you’ve ever met. Its best features and designs get you amazed in no time. It is a standard frame and compatible with using GoPro Hero 3 camera only. So if you need to use camera and Bacpac, please choose the Bacpac frame. Its quality is best guaranteed and it is made up of plastic which is compact and lightweight fitting perfectly to your camera.


6. Smatree Frame Mount Housing

6.Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

Taking photograph might be very inspiring as you can show how confident you are to the public, so you might spend much on the camera. Thus taking care of it is the must. You have come all the way to look for the protective case for the maximum protection. Smatree is the amazing frame mount housing made of plastic which is lightweight. It is compatible with GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4 cameras only. It offers the steady and durable experience. However, you must be aware that it is not waterproof and is not optimized to use in extreme conditions.


7. Luxebell Frame Border Mount Protective Housing

7.Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

If you still can’t find the right frame border mount for your GoPro and used to experience the bad quality of the unqualified product of them, you may try this Luxebell. From this simple-like protective frame you can get more than you can expected. The open design enables the GoPro camera to optimize its audio function to capture sound and it is very compact and light. It can allow you to easily attach it to any mounts using thumb screw provided. However, it can’t be used with any GoPro bacpac accessiories. It also includes the protect lens cover, tripod mount adapter and quick release buckle.


8. Cosmos Frame Mount Housing

8.Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

Feeling sick of can’t getting your GoPro fit on the tripod or selfie stick? It is no longer a problem since all you need is this Cosmo. It is the smallest and lightest way to mount the Hero3 and Hero 3+. It is amazingly compatible with all mounts and accessories and also with the new BacPacs. However, it is not really compatible with HD Hero and HD Hero2 cameras. Why wait? This amazing Comso will never give you the disappointment.


9. Black Frame Clear View Protective Skeleton Housing Case Shell with Lens for Gopro Hero 3+ Hero 4

9.Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

From Generic, they have introduced such an amazing design with classic look along with the best-quality of the protective frame for your precious GoPro. It is 100% brand new and quality guaranteed. It also the enlarged slot, case side wire connectable that you can insert the card directly. It is also featured with the lightest, smoothly and portable to take. It has the special function of preventing the camera or DV from the scrape. It is best recommended for the GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4.


10. Luxebell Frame Border Frame Mount Housing

10.Top 10 Best Gopro Frame Mount Housing Reviews in 2016

You can now get more than just a normal frame border mount for GoPro. From the innovative design of the Luxebell, it not only allows you to get the protection for your GoPro but also to use it with your LCD or battery bacpac attached. Its cut-outs USB, Micro SD and Micro HDMI ports allow you to conveniently offload the data or charge the battery. It is the best design to offer the compact and snug protection and is the lightest and easiest way to mount your camera. You will get to love it. Its content will include 1 protective bacpac frame with mount adapter and screw, 1 Lens cap, 1 tripod mount adapter.


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