Top 10 Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick for Smartphones Reviews

A selfie stick has become a very common accessory for many people. As time has gone, the technology has made the selfie stick very modern and functional for smartphone. One of the features that is just amazing is the bluetooth which has made things a lot easier for the users. In this, the top 10 of the best bluetooth selfie sticks for smartphones have been selected to review. You can go through the list below for a nice one.

10. Perfectday Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick

10. Perfectday Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick : Top 10 Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick for Smartphones Reviews

The last selfie stick to examine is the Perfectday wireless bluetooth selfie stick. This is fully compatible, and it is a popular and modern design. This stick is quite simple and easy to use through its features while its head could be rotated up to 270 degree. This allows for convenient selfie taking. Indeed, this selfie stick is the best selling selfie stick in Amazon, and customers are extremely with its everything. Lifetime warranty is included in the meantime.


9. Selfie Stick, MoKo Extendable Self-portrait Monopod

Second to last, this is the Selfie Stick from MoKo. It is an extendable self portrait monopod. This selfie stick is among those with very good design and quality. It works well with IOS and Android, and it has a bluetooth control feature which allows users to just press a button to take their selfie. Many users have found this stick small and portable while it is a great experience they have with it.


8. Accmor Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand

This is differently the selfie stick for tablet. If you are looking for such a stick, you can get one here. It has such a nice quality and design while the price is not too expensive. This selfie stick is great for both the Android and Ios devices. For the materials, it is aluminum for the stick. It is light and durable for use. For the extendability, it is between 18 inches and 50 inches to serve.


7. Anker Extendable Bluetooth Monopod

Next is Anker Bluetooth Monopod. This is a lovely selfie stick which is quite superior in terms of design as well as the quality. Its extendability is 31 inch, and its angle could be adjusted to 270 degree. That makes the perfect shot for users. Additionally, this has an awesome battery with long life. For a single charge, it works up to 22 hours.


6. CamKix Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote for Smartphones

Built at the 43 inch in length, this is the 2016 selfie stick design. It is bluetooth controlled, and it makes things extremely easy for the users to take their photo. There is no need for the batteries, and you can use it up to three days per charge. It is, at the same, highly compatible with various smartphones, and it is also seen very durable.


5. Elelink [Battery Free] Wired Selfie Stick

5. Elelink [Battery Free] Wired Selfie Stick : Top 10 Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick for Smartphones Reviews

Standing fifth, this is the selfie stick from Elelink. This is a plug and play design, and it would be a great friend to help take your selfie. What that is good is the fact that you can use this without the need for the battery. For the compatibility, there is not a problem. You will find it nicely compatible for any devices. Regarding the design, as you witness it, it is super compact and just lovely.


4. kungfuren Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Next is the selfie stick from kungfuren. kungfuren Bluetooth Selfie Stick is known to provide many phone accessories, and selfie stick is one of its popular items. This stick, by design, is quite attractive and nice while it is also made very light, making it easy to bring with for users.The twist and lock extension are also the convenient features, making the stick even more favorable. This selfie stick is best for smartphones as well as digital camera.


3. Mpow Bluetooth Selfie Stick

For the third suggestion, this is the Mpow Bluetooth Selfie Stick. With one of these, you can seize the beauty of your moment conveniently. For the length, this stick could be extended up to 32 inch, allowing you to take the selfie well either for individual or group. The bluetooth connection is another nice feature of this stick, and it enables easy control over the photo capture.


2. Imarku Extendable Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick

2. Imarku Extendable Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick : Top 10 Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick for Smartphones Reviews

Another one of the best selfie stick for smartphones is this Imarku stick. It is made perfectly compatible with both IOs and Android. It comes with 2 adjustable clamps, and it fits well to phones with the size between 5.5 cm and 8.7 cm. For the control, wireless bluetooth is there. Users can just press the button, and things will be done for the selfie. The stick, at the same time, is extendable to 100 cm.


1. Selfie Stick, AGPtEK Black Extendable Selfie-portrait Aluminum Monopod Stick

1. Selfie Stick, AGPtEK Black Extendable Selfie-portrait Aluminum Monopod Stick : Top 10 Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick for Smartphones Reviews

First to see, it is the APGtEK selfie stick. This stick is made from aluminum, and it is quite good for the durability. The design of this selfie stick is as well very nice. Other than that, it is extendable to the length you can take your selfie from any angle like you want to. This selfie stick is highly compatible with smartphones especially Iphone 6s and 6s plus. For its head, you can rotate it 360 degree with very good adjustment.


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