The best GoPro Smart Remote Control

We are here to recommend the best GoPro Smart Remote Control. Anyways, before we talk about it, we would like to give you some idea to make you see the difference between using GoPro App(Smartphone’s GoPro Application ) and GoPro Smart Remote Control.  As you know that using smartphone to remote your GoPro Camera is very convenient. With GoPro App, it’s very easy to change Gopro setting so fast and preview video on the phone screen. The way changing the setting in smart phone is a lot easier and faster than in Remote.

Buying GoPro Smart Remote Controls or using GoPro App?

Even though, smartphone provides facilitate to change the setting much more easier than Remote, but it normally takes 3 – 4 seconds to load video on screen. If you don’t care about preview video on smartphone, the Remote is good for you. The way you control Remote’s button and GoPro Camera’s button are the same. Especially, both screen look are exactly the same. I can say using Remote is very comfortable for you if you familiar with changing the setting on Gopro camera. You will love Remote and use it a lot when you go Wakeboarding, or bike riding, or surfing, or snowboard, or whatever. When you go Wakeboarding or bike riding, Remote is easier to carry with you than smartphone. You can wear it with wrist strap. Remote is very useful when go for sport like bike riding, you can put a Gopro camera on helmet and you have Remote on your wrist. It seems like you are using smart watch. So you just look at the Remote on your wrist and change the setting with your fingertip. One more thing, it is so much easier to put on the handlebar on the bike. In these situation, Remote works perfectly and very comfortable. However, having both of them are very great. It depends on situation and environment.

The Best GoPro Smart Remote Control

This GoPro remote control is durable, mountable, and waterproof. You may attach it with key ring, or wear it with wrist strap, or attach it to your gear. This Remote compatible with HERO 5 black, HERO 5 Session, HERO Session, HERO 4 Black, HERO 4 Silver, HERO 3+ (Settings/Tag button not compatible), HERO 3 (Settings/Tag button not compatible). It comes with complete camera control. It delivers full remote control of all camera functions. You can power the camera on/off, make change settings, and start/stop recording and capture photos. It provides more facilities if you use it with GoPro HERO 5 and Session Camera – you can access the Setting/Tag button to quickly change settings, user HiLight Tag to mark key moments while recording in order to easy playback, editing, and sharing. It is a Long-Range Remote Control – up to 600 feet (180 meter) from your camera in optimal conditions. In addition, it can control multiple cameras – up to 50 GoPro Cameras simultaneously. It’s perfect for Multi-cam setups. Moreover, it has a great feature which 40% increased battery capacity compared to the WiFi Remote.

The Best GoPro Smart Remote Control

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