Blizzard Entertainment has finally announced a specific release date for the PC version of the Overwatch 2 PvP beta: April 26. The game company previously revealed that the beta version of the sequel’s 5-on-5 PvP mode will go live in late April. You can now mark the 26th on your calendar and set aside time for that weekend’s racing. In addition to 5-on-5 battles (6-on-6 at Overwatch PvP), the beta comes with four new maps, a new push mode, and redesigned heroes. In fact, one of the heroes gets more than just stats / ability upgrades or overhaul models.

A few days ago, Blizzard released a screenshot of the game showing Doomfist as a tank. While the image has since been removed, the company has finally confirmed that the character is being transformed from a tank-damage hero.

Leading hero designer Geoff Goodman revealed on Reddit in October that Blizzard has been experiencing Doomfist character changes since last year. At the time, Goodman explained that the character’s gear was “full of crowd control and mobility effects,” making it difficult for him to tweak and balance as the damage hero of Overwatch 2. However, he will be able to keep those stats as tank, obviously loses some damage and gains some defense points. In Overwatch 2, teams can only have one tank, so selecting players can be the key to their victory.

Players can now register on the game’s official website to access PvP’s Overwatch 2 beta.



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