Black people make up only 4.4 percent of the company’s workforce, the complaint said.

According to Reuters, a new lawsuit against Google alleges that the company fostered a “corporate culture with a racial bias” that offered lower wages to black employees and fewer opportunities for promotion than white employees. The lawsuit, filed Friday in federal court in San Jose, California, alleges that the company placed former diversity recruit April Curley and other current and former Black employees in a hostile work environment.

In 2014, Google hired Curley to design a project to connect the company with black universities. Shortly afterwards, she alleged that she had received derogatory comments from management who claimed she had been stereotyped as an “angry” black woman when they transferred her for promotion.

“While Google claims they are trying to increase diversity, they are actually underestimating, underpaying and abusing their black employees,” Curley’s attorney told Reuters. Black people make up only 4.4 percent of Google’s workforce and about 3 percent of its leadership, the complaint states.

We’ve contacted Google for comment.

Curley is not the first to accuse Google of creating a hostile work environment against Black employees and other people of color. After Timnit Gebru’s controversial departure from the company, Alex Hanna, a former employee of the tech giant’s ethical AI research group, said she was tired of Google’s Deciding to leave Google after structural flaws. “In short, technology has a whiteness problem,” Hannah wrote on Medium at the time. “Google is not just a technology organization. Google is a white technology institute.”


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