On Friday, the District of Columbia Superior Court dismissed a complaint filed by Attorney General Karl Racine against Amazon alleging anti-competitive behavior, The Wall Street Journal reported. Last June, the Racine office claimed that Amazon used various contractual terms to prevent third-party sellers from selling their items at lower prices elsewhere.

“We believe the High Court erred in its oral decision which appeared to have failed to consider the detailed allegations in the complaint, the full scope of the anti-competitive agreement, the extensive brief and the recent decision of the Federal Court to grant virtually i-. an identical case to take it forward, “a spokesman for the attorney general told the media.

At the heart of Racine’s lawsuit is Amazon’s fair pricing policy. In 2019, in the midst of an antitrust review, the company stopped telling third-party sellers that they could not sell their goods at lower prices in a competitive market. The complaint alleges that Amazon has added almost identical terms under its fair pricing policy. Those guidelines allow the company to impose sanctions on traders who sell their products at lower prices elsewhere, the lawsuit says.

When the Racine office first filed the complaint, Amazon argued that many retailers had adopted pricing restrictions in their contracts. A company spokeswoman told Engadget at the time: “The Washington, DC Attorney General’s approach is completely backwards – sellers set their own prices for the products they offer in our stores.” ”

The Racine office said it was considering whether to appeal the ruling. “We are considering our legal options, and will continue to work to develop sound anti-trust jurisprudence in local courts and hold Amazon to account for using its central power to unfairly divert the playing field,” he told The Wall Street Journal .


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