Top 10 Best Power Scrubber & Spin Mop Reviews

Do you have hard time doing house chores? The most difficult thing is cleaning the house, and wiping the floor. You have to use your hands squeezing and draining mop in order to wipe the floor. You also need to use your energy a lot try to dust off the dirt on items in your home. These works are so tough. But for now, you can enjoy and save time to do chores. There is a technology invention of handheld electric power scrubber and electric spin mod. The two new products will sure assist you well. With them, everything runs by electricity power without your hard effort.

Buying guideline:

Before deciding to order these products, you need to consider a few things. Firstly, since they will be used a lot with wetness, you have to make sure that they are durable in water. Secondly, the size and heaviness are important because you’ve got to hold and lift them every day.

As there are many of electric power scrubbers and spin mops in market, you will not find your preference easily. However, this article will bring you the top 10 best of handheld electric power scrubbers and electronic spin mops.

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1. Electric Power Handheld Scrubber Cleaner

This is a professional cleaner handheld electric power scrubber. This product is created for comfortable cleaning in kitchen and bathroom. When purchasing it, you will receive a main electric body with many cleansing heads. In total, there are 8 brushes and each one is different type. It is waterproof so you can use with water easily. To add, this machine won’t create noise that disturb environment.

2. Tub and Tile Scrubber- Cordless Power Spin Scrubber

This is a cordless electric handheld scrubber. This one is made for floor cleaning. It has a long handheld electronic handle that can be adjusted. You can extend its length to 21.4 inches. Due to the lightweight of 3 pounds, you won’t have wrist pain for holding it long time. It comes with three replaceable brushes which are for various usages. For example, you can use the soft puffy brush to clean mirror.

3. 8 Pc Cordless Power Scrubber

This is a set of cordless electric power scrubber. This tool requires only 3.6 volts NiCad battery in order to operate. The battery is rechargeable so that you can use it for a very long time. You will get a free storage bag where all accessories are packed neatly. Its handle are jointed from two pieces of long bar. Plus, there are four more brush heads for different cleaning purpose.

4. Super Sonic Scrubber with Household All Purpose 5 Brush Heads

This is a perfect household electric power scrubber. This product contains a main body and 5 various brush heads. Do you think big stuff is hard to use? Then it is suitable for you because each tool is tiny. It comes in a small plastic package. To be more specific, the overall stuffs are large brush, detail hard brush, scrubbing semi-hard pad, a hard pad, a soft pad, and an extreme hard pad.

5. Black & Decker S500 ScumBuster Cordless Power Scrubber

This is a large set of cordless electric power scrubber. As it has short handheld style, you can clean and dust off in any angle. Furthermore, the handle is made with rubber shell so that you can have full grip without slippery. There are plenty of scrubbing pads and brushes attached in the set. For example, some are used to get rid of dirt spots, while some are for light wiping. It has two year warranty for quality.

6. Fortune Dragon Power Spin Scrubber

This is a spinning electric power scrubber. It has white color. The scrubber has rechargeable battery so you can charge and use it over and over again. For instance, after 2 hours and 30 minutes, it is fully charged, you can use it for 50 to 70 minutes. What’s more, it has feature of waterproof. It has extendable handle that is flexible in 60 degree angle. There are five pads for you to use interchangeably.

7. Elicto Electronic Spin Mop and Polisher

This is a non-cord electronic spin mop. You can forget old mop that needed to soak in water before using. With this modern product, it can store water up to 330 ml. The water tank is installed inside it. Wonderfully, there is a button where you press to release the water out. It is very easy to use and super convenient. It uses battery of 2200 mAh that is rechargeable and usable for 30 minutes.

8. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

This is a steam electronic mop. It has blue and white color. It has tall stand design with long cord. You have to plug the cord to electricity source. This mop is amazingly constructed with germ eliminating function. It guarantees that it can get rid of bacteria effectively 99.9%. Moreover, it also greatly cleans up dirt on hard floor such as sticky and grout spots. This mop will let water steam out during the operation.

9. MissyeeDirect Steam Mop

This is a multi-usage electronic steam mop. The mop has beautiful green color. Its height is about 19 inches. Amazingly, there are 12 piece tools included in this set. You are able to change heads as you wish so that you can use it to clean different items, such as stone, marble, leather, carpets and more. In addition, thanks to high temperature steam from the mop, all bacteria and germ on the floor can be killed.

10. Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System

This is the last recommended handheld electronic cleaning mop. The mop is made with special technology of steaming cleaning. For more information, it offers you three level of amount of steam you want to release when wiping something. Besides, the temperature of the steam water is 212 Fahrenheit. Everything in your home can be cleaned and scrubbed by this one mop.

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