Top 10 Best Multi-Sport Helmets Reviews in 2018

We all want to have fun and enjoy ourselves while playing outdoor sports, but have you ever thought of the accidents it could bring? Some sports such as cycling, skating or riding scooter could even cause injuries on your head without any precaution. Worry no more! Multi-sport helmet could be a solution to help ease your concern. It is well designed with high quality standard to protect your head from any accidents, in any occasions. Besides, the best multi-sport helmets could be used for one more than one activity which is not only safe, but also economical. You don’t have to spend money on different helmets for different activities. With the best multi-sport helmet, you can play your favorite sports without any worry.

#1. JBM Multiple Sports Skating Helmet

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You must be wondering what kind of helmets standing out at number 1. Let me introduce you to JBM Multiple Sports Skating Helmet. It has CPSC and ASTM certified standard guaranteeing the best quality. Moreover, what makes it even more special is that it has impact resistance. If you accidentally fall down, your head will be highly protected against the force because JBM helmet is made of PVC, PC and EPS foam that are strong and durable. Moreover, it is designed with special aerodynamic that keeps you cool and comfort in any kinds of weather. JBM helmet comes with all sizes and many colors that fit everyone’s preferences. Besides, it has an adjustable strap that you can move it anytime to make you feel comfortable and no irritation. You should give it a try as JBM multi-sport helmet also has a one-year warranty for customer.

#2. Flybar Dual Certified Helmet

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It’s hard to choose helmet that is cool, convenient and safe at the same time. However, Flybar Dual Certified Helmet will be your best companion in any sport activities. Just as its name, Flybar helmet is certified with two standards which are CPSC and ASTM. It ensures consumers for its high quality and safety when it comes to playing your favorite sports such as cycling, skateboarding or even pogoing, etc. It also has ABS outer shell and EPS foam inner lining that protect your head, but also very comfy to try on. Additionally, you don’t have to be stressed if your head doesn’t fit because Flybar has 3 different sizes which are S/M, M/L, and L/XL. Moreover, not only having many colors to choose, you can have your own design printing on your helmet.

#3. Giro Section Bike/Multi-Sport Helmet

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Standing out at number 3, Giro Multi-Sport helmet has special features created to fill up your satisfaction. Giro helmet has in-mold construction creating a tough polycarbonate outer shell and foam liner that are not only durable but also super head-protective. Additionally, it has a three-size Super Fit system that makes you feel comfortable once you put on your helmet like it is made just for you. Particularly, there is also unique wind tunnel ventilation system that has active vents with internal exhaust channels to make consumers feel constant freshness when they’re using the helmet. Also, for its weight, this helmet is an ultra-light model which is only 296 grams. You won’t have to feel like putting on a rock anymore. Giro is with you in every activity you love.

#4. Anharluka Helmet with Detachable Magnetic Visor Shield

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Wanting some professional multi-sport helmet for adult? Anharluka could be your best choice due to its features. First, it is equipped with detachable magnetic visor shield. Now you don’t have to be worried of dusts in your eyes while cycling or roller-skating anymore, because the adjustable goggle will protect you from both dusts and also insects. You can also remove it whenever you want. Moreover, it is produced with high quality materials such as EPS and PC that meet international standards of CPSC, SGS, and CE. Besides, the interior is equipped with soft and washable pads, so that you can stay clean and fresh all the time. Anharluka comes with only one size of 55-61cm that would fit perfectly for all.

#5. OMORC Sport Helmet

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OMORC is a multi-sport helmet that cares about your safety. It has impact resistance that could protect your head from serious harm. There is a shock-absorbing foam including ABS shell and EPN foam to guarantee your safety from both outside and inside the helmet. Not only your head, but your chin is also well-cared as OMORC has the adjustable chin strap to make you feel fit and comfortable in the helmet. Another best feature of this helmet is that you can detach its inner pads every time to wash. Now you don’t have to feel awful if you feel dirt inside the helmet. If you’re not sure of what to choose, OMORC is really recommended for multi-sport activities and it also comes with 12-month warranty.

#6. GIORO Dual Certified Adjustable Dial Multi-Sport Helmets

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Some extreme sport activities such as biking, skateboarding, rollerskating, ot pro scooter could cause you serious harm without proper care. However, with CPSC and ASTM certified standard, now you can play your favorite sport activities at ease while wearing GIORO multi-sport helmet. It is built under durability and breathability to ensure that your comfort and safety. It has tough ABS outer shell and thick EPS foam that absorb the impact to keep you safe at all cost. Moreover, GIORO has 11 vents letting the air flow in and out to make you feel cool and dry from the heat and sweat. It also has various sizes to choose such as small, medium and large. Besides, it comes with cool designs and has 6 colors for you. With GIORO, you do sports with style.

#7. Critical Cycles CM-1 Helmet

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If you want something simple but elegant and doesn’t get old from time to time, then Critical Cycles CM-1 helmet is a perfect choice for you. Quite different from others, CM-1 helmet comes in different matte colors that you will definitely love it. Moreover, standing out at number 7, CM-1 is certified with both Bike Helmets USA and UK standards. It is equipped with ABS that has been tested to guarantee consumer safety and protection, so you can use it with any sports you want without any concerns. Also, you will be in comfy once you put this helmet on because it has 11 vents that allow the air to flow in and 2 interchangeable pads. You don’t have to worry about bad smell caused by the sweat on your head anymore.

#8. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

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When it comes to choosing multi-sport helmet, Razor should be in your consideration. Within a reasonable price, it also comes with many bright colors that would fit your choice best. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet also has Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard that guarantees your safety, no matter where you go for cycling or roller-skating. With its well-designed, Razor has 17 holes ventilation system including both top and side vents that make you feel cool and comfortable. You won’t break a sweat even in the hot summer air. Moreover, its size is 21.5 to 23 inches which fits best for your children from ages 8 to 12.

#9. Dostar KIDS Super Lightweight Helmet

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Have you ever wanted a helmet that could be used for many activities and lasted through seasons? Say no more! Dostar KIDS Super Lightweight Helmet is designed just for your children. Made of PVC and EPS, this multi-sport helmet is very durable with its stereo head protection. With its very light weight of just 0.45 lb and 10 vent holes, the helmet is very cool and comfortable to wear. Moreover, you don’t have to be worried of buying another helmet even if your children grow up fast, because Dostar is adjustable and fit for all ages from toddler to youth. Additionally, it has up to 11 colors to choose and each design has its own uniqueness that will boost your children confidence and strength.

#10. Children’s Multi-Sport Safety Bike Helmets

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The Multi-Sport Safety Bike Helmet is designed perfectly just for children who love to play outdoor sports. The helmet has CE certified standard which is made with high quality materials such as PC Injection Moulded shell and EPS Polystyrene. It is easy to carry around and wear on your head due to its light weight, comfortable pads and four-hole ventilation system. Moreover, the helmet is fit for all children with the size of 48-52cm and 16.5cm width. The Multi-Sport Safety Bike Helmet is also cute as it is designed with dragon head and its teeth that could bring your children positive energy with bravery and passion for sports. Pick one of your favorite colors now, the helmet also comes with different 5 bright colors such as blue, black, green, red, and yellow.

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