Best GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) Reviews

If you are a water lover who loves to go on trips at the seas, lakes, or waterfalls, having a GoPro Handler for your GoPro is totally useful. GoPro handler is the device that you use to take photos or videos while you’re in water easily since it is designed with special features to capture clear images along with the floating function which you will never lose it no matter what. Finding the best GoPro handler for your GoPro camera may be difficult, but with our review of best GoPro handlers will make it easy for you to get just the best GoPro handlers or floating hand grip in just a blink of an eye.

Why do you need GoPro floating hand grip?

Have you ever wondered why do you need a floating hand grip for your GoPro camera? By having GoPro handlers, you will be able to take selfies or videos effortlessly when you’re in the water or under the water. Also, floating hand grip is the most comfortable device to use in your trip when it comes to photos taking and film recording because no matter what happens, this GoPro handler will always float and stay with you. GoPro floating hand grip is absolutely the perfect choice for photographers and videographers out there who love to explore life under the water. Take a look at this review of top 5 best GoPro Handlers below and pick your best choice.

1. GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip)

This is the black GoPro handler which designed with great functions for your GoPro camera. With the feature of stability increasing, this GoPro floating hand grip will help you to capture steadier footage compared to holding the camera by hand. Also, this handler will keep your GoPro camera afloat so that you can shoot both in and around the water easily along with the BacPac Compatible that floats your GoPro camera with an LCD Touch BacPac or Battery BacPac attached. This GoPro handler comes with comfortable and secure grip which is designed with soft and non-slip material that makes itself comfortable to hold and provides a more secure grip. GoPro The Handler is perfect for watersports since it can capture immersive POV footage while surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, boating, and many more water activities which is the perfect choice for water trip lovers.

1.Best GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) Reviews


2. GOPOLE Bobber Floating Hand Grip

GOPOLE Bobber is the floating hand grip that comes with 5 useful features for GoPro owners out there to use for their shootings. With high visibility floating body, this GoPro handler will float quickly and easily with camera no matter how deep you get into the water. Also, no adapters are needed since you can connect this floating hand grip directly to your GoPro for images capturing or filming. With the wrist strap attachment, this GOPOLE floating hand grip will be firmly secured to your wrist without floating away. It also has the carabineer attachment which quickly attaches to the gear when not in use which is comfortable and easy to bring along with. You can also connect the attachments or mount this GoPro handler to tripods since it comes with 1/4” – 20 threaded insert for you.

2.Best GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) Reviews


3. GoXteam GoPro Floating Hand Grip

Comes with a variety of premium aluminum mounting options for your waterproof digital camera, this Xfloat GoPro floating hand grip is compatible with any digital still or video cameras with a 1/4 “ threaded insert. The grip also has a tripod socket at the bottom of the pole for static elevated shots and life’s special moment form different angles. It also has the accessories of GoPro for both land and water which it will keep your GoPro camera afloat and straight up out of the water with the mount that is perfect for an ocean adventure or your favorite water sports. You will never lose your camera in the water since this mount will always keep your GoPro float to the surface.

3.Best GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) Reviews


4. AmazonBasics Floating Hand Grip for GoPro

Capture rare and extraordinary moments of your adventures now with this AmazonBasics floating hand grip. Designed specifically for any GoPro camera, this floating hand grip will make it easy for you to shoot steady footage which is absolutely perfect for sporty adventures in or around water. It has two functions of both hand grip and floatation device for your camera which provides exceptional convenience and peace of mind during the shootings. With its high visibility of the yellow floating body, this hand grip can be quickly and easily seen. No matter how deep you go into the water, this floating hand grip will always accompany you and float back in the surface.

4.Best GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) Reviews


5. Kangcheng Hand Grip Extendable Waterproof Handler

Simple and easy to use, this Kangcheng Hand Grip for GoPro is designed with adjustable in length between 17.5cm to 49cm which is easy and comfortable to use in order to capture images from the distance. Also, it has the floating feature that keeps your GoPro afloat no matter what. It comes with anti-skid grip, lightweight, and portable functions which is absolutely what every GoPro owner looks for in the GoPro handler. With the twist and lock design, this floating hand grip is easy to adjust which you can capture images from any angle you like. The best part is this Kangchng hand grip is compatible with all GoPro cameras which you can use with any type of GoPro camera easily.

5.Best GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) Reviews


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