Top 10 Best GoPro Handlebar Mounts Reviews in 2018

Shooting footage with GoPro camera while you are cycling, skiing, and doing other sport activities is pretty awesome that some people have never realized. But, you find compatible accessory to provide ease in mounting with GoPro camera. It is known as monopod handlebar mount that can be mounted on seat-post or handlebar on your bike and other spaces with ease. More than that, you can adjust in various angles that you don’t have to worry at all. Besides, it provides secured mounting with your GoPro camera and other action cameras so that you can shoot breathtaking footage that you have ever had in your entire life.

However, choosing monopod handlebar can be painful for some people since they have chosen inferior and incompatible monopod handles, and this awful experience made them feel so disappointed. To avoid that, we have some few tips for you to find out to purchase right and compatible monopod handlebar with no disappointment post purchasing for sue. First thing first, you need to know to precisely of what kinds of monopod handlebars that you want to use to mount on your bike or something else.

Next, you must heed every detail of material and other specifications of your selected monopod handlebar. Last but certainly not least, it is about additional gift once purchasing the monopod handlebar, for most monopod handlebar comes with various additional accessories to ensure perfect compatibility of your GoPro camera.

Following all above tips, they will lead you to the absolute compatible monopod handlebar that you will be impressed, and you won’t feel disappointed after all. And we have just brought some best GoPro handlebar mounts that are the best companions for either GoPro camera or other compatible action cameras on the current market as well.

#10.Casewarehouse Bike Handlebar Monopod

If riding motorcycle and riding bike are your hobbies, and you want to shoot amazing footage while doing those kinds of activities, this recommended monopod is your best choice of all time. In term of compatibility, it is compatible with GoPro camera as well as other action cameras. It has semi-round tube that provides ease in mounting on the seat-post of bikes. More than that, it can be adjusted in three ways to ensure smooth angle shooting all the time. With presence of this one, it lets you shoot like a pro for sure.

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#9.GoPro Handlebar Monopod

This is official monopod from GoPro, and if you need genuine and reliable monopod that is perfectly mounted with handle or seat-post with ease, so it is the best choice for you of all time. Its construction is made of aluminum to ensure durability while mounting all the time. What is more important, it is compatible with every model of GoPro cameras. Thus don’t be hesitant no more if you need the trustworthy one.</p

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#8.EXSHOW Bike Mount Monopod

This recommended monopod is universal compatibility with most types of cameras that you will find convenience all the time. It is easy to mount with handlebar of your bike or motorcycle that you will be impressed. More than that, its clamp is made of soft silicone material to ensure scratch-free while mounting as well. To earn your trust, one-year warranty is also provided. To secured mounting, it has strong pipe mount that you can put a trust in.

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#7.GoPro Handlebar Mount Monopod

Features non-slip design, this monopod is probably your prioritized choice as well. Its specification is so awesome that lets you rotates in 360 degrees without any concern with its mounting buckle that you will be impressed. Talking its material, it is made of decent material to ensure durability and reliability all the time. Having this one on your bike’s handlebar lets you shoot amazing footage while riding for sure.

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#6.AxPower Bike Handlebar Monopod

This monopod provides a spacious range of mounting on your bike’s handlebar that you will be impressed. Its bar is made of a combination of steel and plastic to ensure durability and convenience all the time. With its silicone pad, it provides secured mounting with your GoPro camera as well as other cameras with ease. What’s more beneficial, a lifetime warranty is also provided.

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#5.Fotasy Aluminum Bike Handlebar Mount

Has aluminum design, this bike handlebar mount is perfectly best choice of all time. Its design is so amazing with vibration elimination that you will feel astonished. More than that, it comes with hex keys for easy mounting without using bolts and a cleaning cloth for convenient cleaning as well. Compared price tag, it is somehow affordable than some in the list as well. Thus it is time to give a try.

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#4.Arkon Bike or Motorcyle Handlebar Mount

Regarding compatibility, it is compatible with every single model of GoPro cameras that is quite well-designed. It can be mounted on handlebar of bike or motorcycle with satisfied feeling with its 33mm diameter, we assured you. What’s more, it has 2-year warranty to earn your trust as well. With presence of this one, it lets you shoot breathtaking footage while riding all the time. That is why don’t be hesitant no more.

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#3.PULUZ Aluminum Handlebar Mount

Is made of aluminum material, this handlebar mount might be your prioritized choice for real. It is easy to bring along with due to its compact and lightweight design compared with others. More than that, it has standard adapter for easy and convenient mount with GoPro camera for sure. In term of mounting, it can be mounted with handlebar and seat-post with ease. Using this one while riding will make your riding more memorable and awesome all the time.

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#2.Neewer Aluminum Handlebar Mount

Features aluminum alloy construction, it is so comparable and competitive handlebar mount compared with others in the list. In term of compatibility, it is compatible with GoPro hero camera as well as other action cameras. Is available in four different colors, it provides you a variety of selections for you to choose based on your preference with ease.

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#1.GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount

In case you need a handlebar for secured mount on your bike’s seat-post, this last one is utterly recommended for you. Besides, it is the best mount for those who love skiing as well with its ski-poles mount. In term of adjustment, it can let you adjust in three different angles to shoot amazing angles with ease. Not least, it is an official handlebar mount from GoPro manufacturer so that you can put 100 per cent trust in.

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