Top 10 Best GoPro Cover Cases – Housing Reviews in 2018

GoPro is the companion device for your Vlogging, adventure, outdoor activities, but it is fragile. You might not want to see your brand new GoPro damaged or vulnerable while doing those activities so you absolutely consider get a case for it before it is too late. A GoPro housing can protects your device from dust, scratch, or water interference, which is the best solution for you to capture all event, photos or videos in any circumstances.

In this post, we have gathered together top 10 best GoPro Cover Cases in 2018. These are the best effective and protective for your GoPro. Some of them provide scratch or drop protection, some are waterproof, and some are both.

#10. Kupton Frame for GoPro

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The Kupton Frame is the so compact for your camera. It is the lightest way to mount your camera because it made of Polycarbonate that offer ideal protection for dirt, dust and especially scratches. This case has fine cut-out for your USB, Micro SD and Micro HDMI port, fully accessible without detachment or uncover. With this case, your GoPro is convenient to hold and it is compatible with GoPro hero 5/ GoPro hero6.

#9. Beinhome GoPro Waterproof Protective Standard Housing Cover

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With the upgrade of BeinHome GoPro case, you don’t have to worry that your GoPro could be ruined by your carelessness. This case is fully sealed your camera from every condition include dust, dirt, rain or snow. It is scratch-free and can protect your GoPro under 40 meters water. The best feature of this Beinhom brand is built-in designs that allow you to controls and buttons the camera with case on. It is only compatible with GoPro hero 5/ GoPro hero6.

#8. CEARI 45M Underwater Waterproof Diving Housing Protective Case Cover for GoPro

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For those who love extremely sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and other water sport activities, this CEARI case is the best choice for you to mount your GoPro. While fitted in this case, you can capture what you want at 45 meters underwater depth. It made of sturdy PVC materials which is not only waterproof but also dustproof and scratch-free. This case come up with high quality transmission tempered glass lens, AF, AR dual coating, that make it easy to clean and easily attach to other accessories.

#7. NAMEO GoPro Housing Case

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Upgraded your GoPro Hero 3/4 with this NAMEO Housing Case will make your camera looking solid and cooler than before. Aside of this, it does have another perks that comes with this stylish case. The main focus is that this case using Black color as the main role along with 40 meters water protection, guess you surely have to consider to drop this into your wish-list.

#6. WiserElectron Protective Housing Case Open Side

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This case is specifically made of high-strength plastic that make this one unique and light weight. The design of WiserElectron case makes great sound record, other performances and better cooling function. Storage Card slot added, insert storage card directly without remove the case. Recording hole is also added on the top of the case. At the case side has wire connectable for microphone or adaptor.

#5. aotree GoPro Waterproof Housing Standard Protective Case Replacement

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Aotree case only fitted to GoPro Hero 5 only. It made of PMMA material that allow you to go freely 45 meters beneath the water. The main feature is when you use the aotree armor, you can record your activities without damaged the shooting effect, clear and vivid. It has all-in-one (Drop proof, Dust proof, Anti-scratch, Water resistance). Your movement and photographic effect won’t be affected by anti-self-pressure.

#4. Luxebell Silicone Protective Housing Case Cover for GoPro with Lens Cap

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The Luxebell Silicone Protective frame is uniquely designed to provide safety and protection for both lens and your camera from scraping and abrasion. With this upgrade, you do not have to worry when you accidently drop it thanks to silicone material. This case is flexible and soft make it easy to replace or install. The best feature is it allows to be easily attached to any mount using the thumb screw provided. It is specially design for GoPro Hero 5/6.

#3. Kupton Housing Case for GoPro Hero (2018)

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Kupton housng is specifically created for GoPro Hero5/6, made of light PMMA materials that make it durable, anti-scratch, dust free and waterproof. With the water resistant characteristics on this case you can go under 45 meters water and capture every moments without damage the shooting effect, clear and vivid. One of the best feature about this is it is easy to connect with other GoPro accessories.

#2. Hapurs Diving Waterproof Housing Protective Case Cover For GoPro

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This brand new Hapurs case is the most promising protective case that is lightweight and sturdy. The design of this case make it more portable, flexible and easy to mount. It built by high transparent acrylic that make it slim and fit. With the sealed case, you can perfectly use it under 40 meters depth. In any condition, this case can provide the good shooting effect, clear and vivid. It is only compatible with GoPro hero 4/5.

#1. GoPro AHDEH-301 Dive Housing Bundle with Cover and Accessories

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Coming In number 1 is nothing but GoPro AHDEH-301, which is the official accessory for GoPro. This case is highly recommend for those who own GoPro Hero4/3. This housing is one of the best case in this list as it consists of flat glass lens that deliver maximum image sharpness above or under 45 meters water includes standard, skeleton and BacPac backdoors. This one is specially design for extreme underwater activities thanks to its ultra-durable and waterproof.

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