James Bond and Robocop films are now owned or co-owned by Amazon.

The James Bond, Rocky, and RoboCop films are now owned or co-owned by Amazon. The company has completed its $ 8.45 billion acquisition of the legendary film and TV studio MGM.

This week EU antitrust regulators unconditionally approved the deal. They decided that there is little overlap between the two companies and that “MGM content cannot be considered essential” compared to other studios.

Amazon is said to have given the Federal Trade Commission a mid-March deadline, which is said to review the acquisition, to challenge or approve the acquisition. If the agency does not file a legal challenge by then, Amazon will be free to continue purchasing.

MGM will “complement the work of Prime Video and Amazon Studios in providing customers with various entertainment options,” Amazon said in a press release. The studio has more than 4,000 films and 17,000 TV episodes, as well as 180 Oscars and 100 Emmys. MGM’s films include classics like Selma & Louise, Silence of the Lambs, The Magnificent Seven and Raging Bull.

Amazon will still release the James Bond movie in theaters, instead of making it a exclusive Video Prime. Yet, as long as the co-owner of the Eon Productions franchise agrees to the product placement, it’s no surprise that Bond is reading near the pool on his Kindle on his next outing.

It is likely that the vast majority of MGM films and TV shows will appear on Prime Video after their theatrical release and after their agreements with other streaming platforms have expired.

Update 3/17 12:03 PM ET: Please note that the James Bond franchise is owned jointly by Amazon, not wholly.


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